I Am A Bird Lover – Jane Heraghty

New works on paper
October 4th – 23rd

I am bird lover.
I love
their feathers, colours, calls
I love
the hopping bower bird
the drunken parrot
the night- jar hiding
the butcher bird stealing eggs
the pardalote nesting in the wall
the yellow footed fowl yowling at night.
As a bird I make the mundane miraculous.
I can make myself seem close when I am far away,
I fly and shit at the same time.

In these new works on paper, I prove both my existence and non-existence by recording myself in a series of self-portraits that are about change and the never ending madness of life.

I Love China

Oil paintings of a Chinese journey by Claire Souter

Exhibition Opening: Saturday 3rd September @ 4pm
Guest Speaker: Coco Souter
Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 5pm

Exhibition runs from 29th August – 26th September

The River Within

Hand-coloured linocuts by Anna Eglitis

8th – 27th August 2016

Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 5pm

Contemporary Art from Korea

Jeongkun Lee – Heysun Lee – Hyanghee Hyun

An interplay between Korean tradition and modern art by 3 Professors of Art at Hyupsung University in Suwon, South Korea who are visiting Cairns for 1 week. Working in a variety of media and techniques – come see recent developments in contemporary Korean art.

2nd – 6th August 2016

Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 5pm

2016 Cairns Indigenous Art Fair

Gallery 1: Glen Mackkie (Kei Kalak)(Prints), Daniel O’Shane (Prints)

Gallery 2: Paul Bong (Bindur Bullin)(Prints)

Gallery 3: Glen Mackie (Kei Kalak)(Prints), Daniel O’Shane (Prints), Joemen Nona (Prints)

Gallery 4: Heather Koowootha (Kunjarra)(Prints)

Walkway Gallery: Roy McIvor (Prints & Paintings)

Rear Gallery: Pormpuraaw Artists (Ghostnet Sculptures, Prints & Mixed Media Works)


Mark Misic Flowers of Romance

Painting Drawing & Video Installation

May 31st – June 27th

Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 5pm
Opening & Artist Talk: Saturday June 4th @ 10am

Thancoupie’s Bursary Fund

Fundraising Art Auction

Friday 27th May, 6pm

Collectable artworks by major established and emerging artists, tours, luxury accommodation and unique offers from local businesses.

Viewing and silent bidding: 18th – 27th May, 2016
Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 5pm

Ladakh – People, Monasteries & Landscape

You are invited to a Photographic Exhibition

Photographs by Vick Kandiah visiting school and medical projects in 2014/15

and exploring the beautiful landscape, people and monasteries in Ladakh, India.

Opening Night: Monday 7th March, 6:30pm – to be opened by Rob Pyne MP
Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 5pm
Exhibition Dates: 5-19 March 2016

Welcome to Cairns – Mark Cochrane

WELCOME TO CAIRNS…..   Mark Cochrane – digital prints

Opening 6pm Friday 11 December

Exhibition 11 December 2015 – 18 February 2016 (Extended due to popular demand)

The idea for the exhibition spawned from www.nanavantrek.com a blog of travels by Nan and Pop dolls with their car and airstream caravan.

What started as a fun sideline for Mark soon developed into a social media following worldwide. The blog was a Queensland Multi-Media Awards Finalist. Mark is always adding to Nan and Pop’s adventures, that’s why the art is ever growing.  As Pop says, “Cairns is just the tip of the ointment”!