Joemen Nona

UntitledLanguage Group: Kala Lagaw Ya (Western Islands, Torres Strait)Clan Group: Dhangal (Badu Island)


Tupmul (Stingray)
Tabu (Brown Snake)
Kodal (Crocodile)

Born: Thursday Island

Joemen Zorro Nona was brought up by his grandparents (Flora and Philemon Nona) on Badu Island. He completed primary school on Badu Island and then went to Bamaga High School for Years 8, 9 and 10 and then Saint Augustine’s College in Cairns. Joemen has worked a variety of jobs over the years: labourer, carpenter, pipe layer, CDEP foreman and night watchman at Kuiyam Indigenous Hostel in Cairns. However, his passion has always been art and ever since he was a child, he has always sketched animals and his surroundings. In 2011 Joemen discovered lino printing at the Badu Art Centre. It didn’t take long for him to start designing and creating his own works as it enabled him to share traditional stories that have been passed down to him by his father. He has gladly passed these down to the younger generation, his own sons and nephews. Joemen lives in Rockhampton now and continues to create designs that are based on traditional stories.